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B9 Core Series - Critical Firmware Update

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:56 pm
by B9_Sales
Ensuring optimal system performance and stability is a high priority for B9Creations. In order to improve performance and fix critical issues before they cause downtime, B9Creations has published a critical firmware update, which we strongly recommend performing at your earliest possible convenience.

Download Firmware 61:

You can also find instructions to update to Firmware 61 from within the B9Create software here:

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at or +1 605-787-0771.

Haven't updated your firmware in a while?

We have a whole slate of new features to take your printing to the next level!

Download our latest firmware and get:

Surface Finish Feature – Perfect for master molds or when a flawless finish is a must
Print Queue – Optimize your workday no matter how many models, machines, or team members are involved
HD Slate Material Settings – Formulated for highly detailed, microscale parts
Rugged – Nylon 6 Material Settings – Equivalent to injection-molded nylon, Rugged is ideal for snap-first and wear-resistant parts

Plus get a sneak peek at our new software coming soon!

Our next-generation B9Create software will optimize your print processes like never before - with fewer supports, better surface finish, and painless post-processing.

Leverage our Workflow Mode that intelligently lays out, orients, and auto-supports your parts in three clicks or drop into Design Mode to adjust a breadth of parameters to fine-tune results.

Because 3D printing is the backbone of your business, we’re also developing an advanced version that offers CAD-like functionality.

Features will include:

Advanced supports and foundations, including mirroring supports and industry-specific supports like sprues
CAD integrations
Expanded import file format capabilities
Material print usage estimates
Model manipulation like drain holes, hollowing, honeycomb infill, and part sectioning
Keep-out zones and more robust print analytics
Industry-specific application library – select the part you’re importing, like an eternity band, and our software does the layout and supports for you