B9 core 530 vs B9 1.2

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B9 core 530 vs B9 1.2

Post#1 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:42 pm

Here is a photo that shows: 1) the model viewed from B9; the print from B9 1.2 1:1 mix at 30 microns; 3) the print from B9 core 530 at 30 microns using green resin. The print on the B9 core was much cleaner and did not have as much x,y, or z bleed.

The smallest text is 1 mm high. The smallest vertical line on the right is 0.17 mm. In the B9 1.2, the line was filled with resin. For the C530, the line was much better. The largest hemispheres are 0.9 mm. These two hemispheres are just touching in the model. The B9 1.2 bleeds these together. The C530 prints them without bleeding them together. The small blocks on the top bleed together on the B9 1.2 but not on the C530.

I printed this test part at both 30 microns and 20 microns on the C530. I can hardly see the difference in the two prints. In both prints, I can see each pixel pattern from the optics.

I am on my 30'th print and, in general, I am very pleased with the new printer. It is faster. It is cleaner (less drips). The prints are very crisp. Communicating with the printer on the network is much better.
model b9c b9 core.jpg

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