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FunToDo resins

Post#1 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:30 pm

Last resins I bought were the Standard Blend and the Industrial Blend from StudioCubed, the US retailer for FunToDo.
They also have a Castable Blend that I did not order, perhaps some of you could...
The resins are fantastic but deceiving in the same time:
Fantastic because there is almost NO WARPING, they have about 0.5% shrinkage and this is true!
But don't you UV post cure them cause they Crackle on the surface and ruins the finish
Thin objects are not likely to crackle, but the Thicker and more massive your models, the bigger the crackles!
Protect them from the sun, hide them in the darkest place if you want to preserve the finish.
Also, if you buy pale colors or clear, your models will get yellow where exposed to sun light or UV, so again, if you need a nice color you have to give them a paint job otherwise your model will look like it had a major sun bath at the beach.
The Standard Blend is a little soft and bendy, somewhat semi-hard and brakes easily, good enough for figurines, prototypes for silicone molding, etc. It's easy to sand and post process to get the desired surface finish..
The Industrial Blend is hard, but still a snappy resin like any other..
One thing I find strange with these resins is the narrow ''Setting Sweet Spot'', a little too short exposure and thin features like supports don't come out, a little too long exposures and the PDMS burns right away.. Like the polymerization consumes so much oxygen in the PDMS, it even sticks to it and forces the Servo and twists the Arm on taller prints.. I had the PDMS rip off the Vat on one print that failed..
The printer settings are similar to Maker Juices', always depends on pigmentation and desired features in the model, always some tweaking and compromise.. very narrow setting window but over all satisfied with these resins, once you find their sweet spot.
They mix well with other resins like MakerJuice and (old)SpotA for diverse properties (or to finish old bottles of warpy crapy GP;)
Oh, and the Stink factor is very Low!!!
That's it for my review on Fun To Do resins!
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Re: FunToDo resins

Post#2 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:32 am

IMHO that cracks are "leftovers" from low shrink. When it cure it tries to shrink, but it's hardness will not allow it to, and that will allow it to retain some structural stress.
That's my IMHO.
Yes, I also mentioned very small "sweet spot".

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Re: FunToDo resins

Post#3 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:16 pm

tim.yoshi wrote:Yes, I also mentioned very small "sweet spot".

Good, redundancy is key in Peer to Peer Innovation!
Cheers to you :ugeek:

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Re: FunToDo resins

Post#4 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:54 pm

I'd like to clarify a couple things regarding BDan's post.

The print absolutely should receive a final cure using UV, the problem being described here is most likely due to the post print clean up process. The current resin's SB,IB,CB should all be briefly cleaned/rinsed with isopropyl or denatured alcohol and then the part should then be dried using compressed air. A fresh print should not be left in the alcohol for any length of time and should never be placed in water - general rule of thumb for isopropyl rinse is no longer than 20-30 secs.

The base resin has a natural yellow tint, adding yellow, red, orange, or black pigments will cure as expected. If adding white, expect varied shades of pale to bright canary yellow, any other colors cure in various shades of green.

Shrink / Warping - minimal if at all :)

Reference the gallery of prints on the or sites, or the images posted here on the forums.


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