Better Casts with simple sprue change

Successful prints based on Model construction, supports, material selection & printer settings.
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B9 Wizard
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Better Casts with simple sprue change

Post#1 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:11 pm

I usually get very good results casting B9 Mix. Although two shapes can be problematic at times.
I changed the outgoing sprue and now am getting 100% of my difficult pieces every time.
I'm sure all you casting gurus know about something like this, but I've never even seen anybody cast,
so its new to me.
Left tree is the old way with exit sprue at 90 degrees to the main sprue. Middle and right trees show the
adjustment. Exit sprue now extends straight (well sorta) from the main sprue, then arcs. Top of arc should
be near top of models being cast.

I've started casting rings. Seems like a piece of cake by comparison.

Vacuum chamber casting with perforated 4x4 flasks.

B9 Wizard
B9 Wizard
Posts: 1157

Re: Better Casts with simple sprue change

Post#2 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:19 pm

Forgot to mention the supports/sprues for the open 60mm pcs on the right are tapered to .6mm
Three per shape.
So (3) tapering sprues, ending at .6mm feed the whole 60mm long shape.
So they fulfill their two functions. Print support and sprue.
I credit the vacuum casting equipment with anything useful coming out of the casting process.

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