Crossing my fingers I didn't have buy a new projector.

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Crossing my fingers I didn't have buy a new projector.

Post#1 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:30 pm

So I have a suggestion for the software guru

set the software to move the vat to the closed position when it is idle

I screwed up today. I came in this morning expecting that 6.5 hr print to be done and I could get it in the kiln tonight to cast the three different rings. Instead I found a hundred layers a partially build of two rings and a complete build of the third ring but it is meeeessssseeeedddd up
In a hurry to get it back and going I wasn't a paying attention I put the build table back after scrping off the partial prints and started another print not seeing anything in the vat then realized it was all full of crap. so I raised the table up pulled the vat out and proceeded to strain the resin and clean the vat.

Got done turned around to put vat in and it looked like the projector was a victim of jack the ripper with red resin dripped all down the front of it and the lens was half full of resin. DAMN. all that from the build table dripping, never even thought about it doing that.

but If I had closed the vat position I would have just been cleaning up the plate and rails.

So if you think about it in the next upgrade you might consider making the vat close automatically after say 3 minutes or something when it is in idle.

maybe I should just pay attention I am sure you're thinking and you'd be right.
Feeling blessed the projector isn't messed up ( so far so good cross your fingers)
I'm so far behind I think I'm First !!

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